Mikel Porras Hoogland

Design, Front End Development & music

Co Founder
Web Design
Co founder, designer and front end developer of the music platform KOLLEKT.FM
Casa 400
Web Design
Web development for the stories website of Casa 400
Atomnation Release
A track of mine "Such As" was released on the compilation album #ATM017 'Various Artists - The Spaces In Between'.
Web Design
Skyframes, a company specialised in making aerial footage with multicopters asked me to design and build their website.
BUIE . nl
Co Founder
Web Design
BUIE . nl detects your location with html5 and uses the Buienradar and Google Maps API to show if and when it's going to rain.
During the summer of 2012 I did an UX / UI / Graphics internship at WhatsApp in Silicon Valley (Mountain View).
Yolanthe Cabau
Web Design
The official website of Yolanthe Cabau designed & developed by Steven Lammertink, Osric Caton and me.
Web Design
Stuvia asked my help to make their webpage mobile friendly and redesign their homepage.

About me

I'm a twenty-something Design for Interaction (Industrial Design Engineering) graduate who likes to make websites and music. Besides some freelance work I spend most of my time on KOLLEKT.FM as co-founder, designer & front-ender.


Love writing front-end code (AngularJS, jQuery) but also make Wordpress themes and am currently improving my SQL skills.


The industrial, interaction and graphic design part of an idea or process is something I like contributing to.


In my free time, I make music with Ableton Live under the alias Fran Seven. I upload some of it on my Soundcloud profile.


Feel free to send me a message if you have a question or want a cool website.