Mikel Porras Hoogland

Design, Front End Development & music

Co Founder
Web Design
Co founder, designer and front end developer of the music platform KOLLEKT.FM
Atomnation Release
A track of mine "Such As" was released on the compilation album #ATM017 'Various Artists - The Spaces In Between'.
BUIE . nl
Co Founder
Web Design
BUIE . nl detects your location with html5 and uses the Buienradar and Google Maps API to show if and when it's going to rain.
Web Design
Designed & Developed the website of SEKOIA - a community for deep electronic music.
Web Design
For my master thesis on user centered design for web startups I developed the home page and beta product for Fray.
During the summer of 2012 I did an UX / UI / Graphics internship at WhatsApp in Silicon Valley (Mountain View).
Yolanthe Cabau
Web Design
The official website of Yolanthe Cabau designed & developed by Steven Lammertink, Osric Caton and me.
Web Design
Stuvia asked my help to make their webpage mobile friendly and redesign their homepage.

About me

I'm a twenty-something Design for Interaction (Industrial Design Engineering) graduate who likes to make websites and music. Besides some freelance work I spend most of my time on KOLLEKT.FM as co-founder, designer & front-ender.


Love writing front-end code (AngularJS, jQuery) but also make Wordpress themes and am currently improving my SQL skills.


The industrial, interaction and graphic design part of an idea or process is something I like contributing to.


In my free time, I make music with Ableton Live under the alias Fran Seven. I upload some of it on my Soundcloud profile.


Feel free to send me a message if you have a question or want a cool website.